Screw It: Doin' Time on the Line

Timothy Campos returns to the stage with an exciting new one-man show. Screw It: Doin' Time on the Assembly Line chronicles Tim’s personal experience working the assembly line for Ford Motor Company for nearly nine years. Tim performs over fifty different characters in this rapid moving show that is both hilarious and poignant. The show is a must see for anyone who has ever wondered what it is like on the inside of a factory for one of the largest companies in America and for anyone on the inside wanting to know how to get off the line.

What is Screw It: My Time on the Assembly Line?

Twenty-Eight year old actor, Tim returns home to Detroit financially broke after performing his play in Los Angeles. Like many others in the Motor City, he takes a job with Ford Motor Company to recoup his finances and to move out of his sister’s house. His one-year and done promise to himself turns into nearly a decade after he reaps the benefits of a ‘regular’ paycheck and a job where he can manipulate the system. Tim treats the assemble line as his stage as his antics and craziness ensue on a daily basis in order to not go insane on the line. All the time looking for a way to escape the factory life before the line crushes his spirit.