Yard Sale, 2004

Written by Timothy Campos

Performed by Timothy Campos & Andrew Huff

Roommates Chris and Scott are having a yard sale to help pay for Scott’s wedding. Unfortunately they decide to have it the morning after the bachelor party and the day before the wedding! Friends and strangers have crashed at the house, the neighbors are showing up for the yard sale and relatives are coming into town for the wedding. Yard Sale is a fast paced, high-energy comedy that’s sure to keep you laughing and guess with its hysterical twists and turns. This two person original comedy features award-winning actors, Andrew Huff and Timothy Campos, who play over a dozen characters each!

“A master’s level class on comedy acting, timing and character development called, ‘Yard Sale’.” - Between the Lines (2004)

“It’s difficult to say which comes faster, the laughs or the different characters. Huff and Campos don’t just change their clothes, they alter their stances and behavior with impressive agility.” - Detroit Free Press (2004)


Original Music:

“It’s a Great Day for a Yard Sale”, Written by Jelly & Tim Storm, Performed by Jelly

“Yard Sale” Written by Scott Lemanski & John Demko, Performed by Scott Lemanski & Bill Engleman, Produced by Scott Lemanski & Tim Suliman

Photos by Kelly Simon